Ree nicknamed her husband Marlboro Man…my guy is Coach.  Also brooding, quiet, and intensely sexy.  In fact, when we met 16 years ago, Coach was sporting boots and Wranglers, too.  Years of football practices and school-provided wardrobes have changed his look a little, but in his heart, he is his own type of cowboy.

Coach is my hero.  He is also my best friend, and he is, as the song says, “the world my world revolves around.”  If you’ve never been married to a coach, it is difficult to truly understand the life of a coach or the life of a coach’s wife.  It is difficult to grasp the hours they work, and the dedication they possess for the boys/men on their team.

I use the term “boys/men” to describe the lot because sometimes they act like boys, and other times they show themselves to be great men.  Coach does way more than direct his players on which play to run and how to run it, how to read the defense, or how to release the football.  He is much closer to his fellow coaches than your typical 8-5 co-workers.  He acts as mentor, friend, father, confidant, brother, sounding board, disciplinarian, and faithful, loyal champion to each and every one of them.

He works himself ragged, yet he is anxious to get back to it bright and early the next day.  He is one of the lucky ones…he loves his job, and I love him for it!

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