I can’t say the name without thinking (and hearing in my head) that 1978 song by The Police.  I’m pretty sure it’s about a woman considering, or already engaged in, prostitution (“…you don’t have to put on the red light…”).  You’re singing it in your own mind right now, aren’t you?

Roxanne also happens to be a dear, sweet friend of mine.  Although I haven’t seen Roxanne in a terribly long time, I still feel wonderfully close to her.  Roxanne’s Coach and my Coach coached together for a few years, a few years ago.  Amazingly, it’s actually been over 5 years since then…my how time flies!  In fact, I know that if I saw Roxanne tomorrow, it would be as though we still lived in identical floor plans, in the same neighborhood, and visited daily; she is one of those ladies who is always in your heart because you know exactly who she is, and you adore her for it.

Roxanne is the quintessential coach’s wife.  She is uplifting, supportive, strong, and optimistically positive.  ALL the time.  Even when the refs stink and the guys couldn’t catch a break all game.  Even then, she is an incredible role model for me.  When I close my eyes and envision the coach’s wife I wish to be, I see Roxanne.

I often think of Roxanne and simply smile!

I especially think of Roxanne every Sunday, when I’m sitting in church, open my Bible, and a piece of her love is right there where it has stayed since she gifted this little card to me:

It reads:

Lord, burn these five benefits into my eyes that my focus will be changed permantly.

* Benefit 1: know God and believe Him (Isa 43:10)

* Benefit 2: glorify God (Isa 43:7)

* Benefit 3: find satisfaction in God (Isa 55:2)

* Benefit 4: experience God’s peace (Isa 48:18)

* Benefit 5: enjoy God’s presence (Isa 43: 2-3)

What wise words! And what beautiful handwriting!!!

No matter who guides your life, no matter where you go for encouragement and direction, no matter what religion you choose, I pray that you have these 5 benefits, no GIFTS, with you every day. I pray that this beautiful Sunday has been a blessing for you, and that the week ahead is simply marvelous!

PS: Thanks, Roxanne, for the incredibly sexy photo you took of my man all those years ago…it still lives in the frame you put it in, prominently on my bath vanity, and I hope you don’t mind seeing it on the top of this page.  Love you!

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