Day 1 Again…Again.

“They” say that the third time’s a charm, and right now I really hope “they” are as smart as “they” always sound because Wednesday, March 7th is Day 1 again…again.

I’m embarrassed to admit to you just how long my second attempt lasted on my 90 Day Challenge. I’ve been so ashamed that I was intimidated to even write to you all because I felt like a fraud 😦

Soooooo, here’s my confession: the shakes were working, I was feeling good, losing a little weight, and I STILL could not make myself stay on track.

I have no excuses. Being disciplined is just really, really tough for me. Some mornings I talked myself out of fixing my breakfast shake simply because I didn’t want to wash the blender. Other days, I knew I would be away from that shiny blender at lunch so I didn’t see the purpose in wasting a scoopful of shake powder on a day when I couldn’t replace two meals. Then there were the mornings when I wasn’t hungry so I convinced myself that NO calories must be even better than healthy calories so I passed completely on breakfast and promptly crawled back into bed where I was lazy and lethargic all morning (because I had no fuel!). My failures are endless; I’ll spare you anymore of my special breed of insanity.

You’re welcome!

With a glass full of optimism and my best go-getter game face, I’m here to give it another shot. Please bear with me. The trip will likely be ugly, but this time I’m gonna be honest. With myself as well as with you. In the end of the 90 days I hope to feel better mentally and physically, have a reason to splurge on a new swimsuit, and enter the summer on a “I DID IT! I DID IT!” song in my heart.

Stay tuned…


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