Craft Nook Complete

I am a firm believer in using every inch of a house, so when Coach asked the builder to leave access to the attic from both sides of the upstairs gameroom, I asked that the smaller of the two areas be floored-in as well as the larger side (which is used for typical attic storage).  My vision was a small area to put a work table, gift wrapping items that never have a great place to live, and other crafty-type JUNK that I seem to collect by the droves.

In my own defense, I tend to (slightly) overbuy all this “stuff” (there is no other word for it that is usable in polite company!!) because I need it in a pinch, and I can never remember what I have, how much may be left, or where in the world I stashed it last time I was in the same predicament.  Hopefully, I have halted my addiction and stopped my struggles all in one project.  Hopefully, I will be able to use some of this “stuff” up!  Anyone need to borrow, no – HAVE, some ribbon???

TA-DA!!!  My craft nook is complete.  HooRay 🙂

Coach installed a peg-board above a very sturdy work table that he constructed for me several years ago.  I bought a nifty pack of assorted pegs and a few individual pegs that I thought I would need.  Angel Girl spent some of her afternoon helping me sort out loose ribbon from the spools, fasten the loose ends with a straight pin, and put the spools in rainbow order:

I also believe in re-using little, glass jars.  They are truly one of my favorite things in the whole, wide world!  Indeed, I use them all over the house, and I can barely make myself throw them out when the pantry becomes overloaded.  I just adore little, glass jars!!  In the craft nook, I used one jar for the extra peg-board hardware, another jar for the peg-board straps (they came with the assortment pack and are useful if some of the pegs refuse to stay in tight), a third jar for pencils/pens/Sharpie, and an old bean can for rulers and pipe cleaners:

Luckily, I had a bit of extra ribbon to add a WOW-factor and a splash of color to those cute little things!

I put plenty of scissors on the board; three for any use, one for paper only, and one for wire-free fabric only.  I know myself well enough to know that in the moment, I will grab whatever is free, so I need to keep the right tools within reach!

I also hung up Christmas tags that I re-use each year as well as the easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy, store-bought kind and plenty of extra blank tags to have on hand:

Finally, I used my old college closet, AKA: the good ol’ ELFA drawer set (almost 20 years old and still going strong!), to organize tissue paper, craft supplies, mum making paraphernalia, and school supplies such as extra boxes of Crayons, markers, map pencils, glue, etc:

I even stacked all my empty boxes next to ELFA so that this year I will not buy empty boxes that I already own when it’s time to wrap Christmas goodies:

There is only one, tiny problem that seems to have reared it’s ugly head:  I’d really like to turn this craft nook into a craft ROOM!  And what’d’ya know?  Low and behold, I have just the attic space to do it:

Maybe I should keep that part from Coach…at least until after another season 😉

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