The next post: Cali & Jorge

My last post was quite a while ago – right about 2 months to be exact.  My last post was about Tanner (if you haven’t read his story, please do, and put him in your heart and mind and prayers every single day).  I’ve really shied away from writing again because nothing seemed important enough or valid enough to follow Tanner, even here – on my tiny little blog that has about three followers including me.

Part of my block has been a sense of guilt that I carry around.  You see, as a result of Tanner’s circumstance, because of his family’s faith, due to their struggle, I have gained.  I have moved a step or two or many closer to being the person I hope to become.  And that makes me feel terrible.  I don’t want to be a reason that Tanner and Jim and Carol and all their family and friends have to endure this tumultuous season.

Yet, I am also very happy to have learned from them all.  I’m happy to say that Tanner is still fighting his way back, making positive strides amidst difficult detours.  I’m even happy to be writing the next post.

I could not write about some silly struggle or petty peeve, not when Tanner struggles for his life and his parents devoutly await dealing with those teenage quirks that serve to be pet peeves for us parents.  I could only write about something good and pure…so here goes.

Cali & Jorge

It’s official: The two newest Montgomery’s finally have names. They were born of Hope (our sweet Momma cat) on Sunday, April 29th. We’ve been a bit slow naming them…not for any good reason except that we simply had not done so, but today their adorable little personalities made a big appearance in turn causing names to pop out of thin air.

Cali is the calico. Pretty original, I know, but I just love calico fabric with its mumble-jumble of color, and now I equally love Cali’s mish-mash of fur, too. She has a few tiger stripes and a few splotches of pale grey, dark charcoal, orange, and white. Then she has the most wonderful white paws that peek out from under her or around a corner as she creeps around in a timid, terribly shy manner.

Not a fabulous pic, but then again she is very shy.

It would be so easy to favor Cali except that Jorge is hysterical! Where Cali is quite reserved, Jorge is an adventurer…a real Curious George!! S/he (we’re not 100% sure on that just yet) is always on the move, and today Jorge began prowling and pouncing. On dust in the garage.  With dark, mysterious grey stripes and attentively, pointy little ears, Jorge was too stinking cute!! How could I not love such an entertaining display of stealth and intrigue??

Our Curious George

And their eyes – honestly, their eyes are almost too big for their teeny tiny faces.

I’m especially taken with how Angel Girl and SonShine are totally in love with the kittens.  They both have a tender heart where animals are concerned, and both are marvelous mother hens. In fact, when the third kitten was still-born, the kids prepared a pretty box and said a prayer for the little one. I knew immediately that both survivors would be ours. Only one person thought we’d give one or both away to other good homes, and we set Coach straight real fast!

Grandpa Howard shared with me a long time ago that a husband and wife with one son and one daughter was once called a “rich man’s family.” We’re now up to two dogs, three cats, Coach, SonShine, Angel Girl, and me so I figure we’re strolling down a path of gold right smack in the center of Easy Street these days, and boy is it a beautiful, blissful, blessed walk 😉

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