Mister Roger’s Song

I’ve heard it said that God’s greatest gift to humankind is free will.

I won’t debate that…I choose to add a caveat:

I believe that our greatest power lies in the ability to choose knowledge, to conscientiously select what we want to learn, study, and remember.  I think one of our greatest gifts is gathering intelligence.  Too much Jag, NCIS, and CSI, right??  I’ve always had it in my head, but I really began pondering this after hearing the audio portion of the clip below on the radio yesterday.

I was intrigued enough to find it on YouTube and watch the entire video not just once, but a few times.  Many of the viewer comments reflect how their emotions surprised them while watching.  Several reminisce about their childhood and their memories of loving Mister Rogers.  Quite a few even confess to tearing up while sitting in front of their computer wearing a goofy grin.

What really touches me about the video, enough to sit down and share it with you, is how beautifully the clip encourages us to explore, play, imagine, grow, gather knowledge, and store intelligence.  I love learning, and I adore anything that pushes us to cultivate the garden of our minds!  Just that phrase is powerful:

Cultivate the Garden of Your Mind

A pretty cool remix by PBS!  I hope such cultivation is not a dying joy, not a thing of the past in today’s Google/Wikipedia/InstantGratificationOrNothing world.  I hope I pass my love of learning and growing and playing and being nerdy on to my sweet kids.  I hope you found something in the video that made you smile today!