Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon Rind

Tonight for dinner we’re having hot dogs on the grill.  Here’s all I have to say about that: always buy bun length BEEF weenies, and find a cook like Coach who puts the perfect amount of burn on the dogs to give them that juicy, hot-off-the-grill flavor.

The other thing we’re having is watermelon.  One of life’s most wonderful, simple pleasures, watermelon makes me happy!!  It’s best eaten outside where the juice can drip and the seeds are spit.  Sometimes directly at siblings…

It belongs in summer, when my babies are home, and everyone is floating on Cloud 9 (because the atmosphere is so pure on Cloud 9 that neither classwork nor homework can sustain life there).  Furthermore, it must be really, really cold.  So cold, it stings your teeth to bite into it at first.  Any old backyard will do for consumption, but watermelon is best served at a picnic with lots of people to share in the eating so that nothing gets carted back home.

In fact, for SonShine’s birthday, we gathered up a bunch of family and headed to the lake, and I just happened to ice down a huge watermelon.  When Coach went to cut that thing, we all came running…abandoned the water, the boat, and the jet skis, and every single person went to town on a slice, or two, or maybe three.  The watermelon was wayyyyy more popular than even the birthday cake!  Here’s undebatable, scientific proof that watermelon causes happiness:






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