Luke 2: 9-24

December 1st

She has arrived – our guardian elf is in the house.

Special Delivery

In her box, the kids found a letter explaining how she got here, why she came, and what she hopes to accomplish while she’s here.

Ho - Ho - Ho


She also brought The Elf on the Shelf for our Christmas library (quite a collection if I do so say so myself!).  Last, but most certainly not least, she delivered a new family Bible to us with a verse she wanted us to read together, already underlined – she is SOOOO efficient!!


Each day she will deliver a new verse for the kids to look up, underline, and read together. (Here are Cards 1-10 if you wish to see and/or print them. Some of the fun and colorful backgrounds did not make it through the techno airwaves, though they are easy to recreate in Word…sorry.)

I’ll let you know each day, or at least every few, how our guardian elf is helping this house remember the reason for the season while establishing a new family tradition with a twist…

Now we are off to cheer on Coach – it’s the final regular-season game of 2012, and a big W sure will set the tone for a fabulous weekend –



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