Matthew 2:10

December 2nd

Our Guardian Elf is now better known as Miss Snow.  To say that Angel Girl was happy to receive her is surely an understatement!  Best of all, she is the reason for a beautiful moment shared last night:  After a HUGE WIN (yeah, Baby!!) on the football field, Coach was enjoying someone else’s game on TV, SonShine had just come in from shooting hoops in the driveway with Uncle Shaun, and Angel Girl grabbed our newly-delivered-family-Bible and me…we all 5 took a seat on the living room couch…Angel Girl (in her slowwwww, dainty, methodical way of doing EVERYthing) found the scripture on Miss Snow’s card…Coach muted his ball game…Uncle Shaun put down his Twitter feed…the kids sat close, holding the Bible together…and Angel Girl read to us Luke 2: 9-14.

And it was good.  Indeed, I really like that particular glimpse at my world!

Which brings us to Day 2…Today we’re off to cheer on Angel Girl and her Texas Dynasty Emeralds.  Miss Snow seems to know what is on the agenda; not only did she raid the Twizzlers while we slept, she even used them to wish Angel Girl good luck.

Miss Snow




She also brought another scripture card that we will share together, probably sitting around the couch this evening since, as crazy creatures of habit, our tradition is now set.


My wish for this day is that Angel Girl and all her fellow cheerleaders feel like shining stars on that big, boisterous stage.  Regardless of hitting every single stunt or being exactly on count, I hope they see their accomplishments and enjoy their time in the spotlight (literally!).  It is the first cheer competition of the year, and my girl is more than a little nervous.  She wants her squad to be flawless in their routine – perfect.  I love how much she cares!  And to keep her calm, I just keep asking, “How can you go wrong with a gorgeous smile, a beautiful attitude, and those sparkly blue eyes???”


Angel Girl with her BCFs:
Best Cheer Friends!!

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