Isaiah 33:6

December 5th

Being a coach’s kid comes with some really cool perks.  SonShine has met some of the best athletes in the world, he’s been the ring bearer for an NFL quarterback, he has gone behind the scenes and in the locker room and sat in on meetings and loved every minute of it!


But it’s not always easy.  He takes a lot of heat and ridicule from “friends” at school when we lose, when we win, when his school coaches want to talk college ball and when they tease with him, when he gets to do those cool things listed above, and when his dad is missing from the crowd.


Angel Girl hasn’t had to deal with as much of the peer junk – maybe girls are nicer (Ha Ha), or they don’t care as much about football, or they just don’t pay attention.  Her obstacle has been in feeling secure and stable away from home.  On her first day of 4th grade, Angel Girl walked into her 6th school building.  When she returned to that same school last fall for 5th grade, it was the first time she had ever been to the same school campus twice…some years she went to a new building in the same district, but most of the time it was a new town, new classmates, and new routines.  The confidence and strength we’ve seen develop in her this year, 6th grade and her third year in that building, has been phenomenal!


The one constant they DO have is each other.  I have always known that, but last year I found out that they feel it, too.  One of SonShine’s coaches at school relayed the following story:

Coach R: So, you like it here?  You’ve made a lot of friends since you got here?

SonShine: Yes, sir!!  We LOVE it here.  I have met a lot of cool people.

Coach R: That’s great!  Who’s your very best buddy?

SonShine:  Well, I have a big group of friends at school.  My best friend I guess is my little sister.  See, we move around a lot, and we make lots of new friends, but she’s the one who is always there no matter where we go…


His coach made a special point to tell me about that conversation.  He was impressed by the honesty and maturity displayed in those words.  I was thrilled to know for sure that my kids understand who and what makes a sturdy foundation.  I’ve always felt that friends are the cherry on top, the pretty decorations in life, the extra that makes things special.  But family is where one finds strength enough to build upon.  Since having my babies, I’ve come to realize that faith belongs there with the substance.  Miss Snow’s verse for today reiterates that finding in no uncertain terms:


And just in case you think my two kids are too good to be true, let me reassure you that while they don’t really fight or argue, they still pick on and pester each other, wrestle and tickle, and act like normal siblings.  In fact, Miss Snow decided to mess with them as brother and sister this morning…I wonder how long it will take them to notice that their clothes are in each other’s closets???

His clothes in her closet...

His clothes in her closet…

Her clothes in his closet...

Her clothes in his closet…

That sneaky (yet industrious) Miss Snow!!

And all the items that didn't make it back into either closet!

And all the items that didn’t make it back into either closet!

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