2 Bits, 4 Bits, Hey…

In another life, I was slated to be a high school math teacher and cheer sponsor.  That was my pre-planned dream, and I liked it just fine.

Then I met Coach, and the roller coaster tracks threw me for a loop-de-loo.  A fabulous, fantastic, and full-out fun ride it has been, no doubt!  I would not change a thing; yet, there are times when I miss doing the little things that I always thought I would do.


I have especially felt it this year, while Angel Girl has been participating in all-star cheer at a competitive level and preparing for her first school squad tryout – “it” being frustration that I have been dismissed, ignored, and rejected as a viable resource for help and assistance when improvement was desperately needed.  My hands have been tied by the role I play in the life I have chosen, and “it” is maddening.

I think most people who know me would agree that I am marginally above average at most of the things I do.  By the end of a project, I always find a way to make it professional and creative – never the best out there, but certainly better than many.  I am honest when ranking my talents, and I can honestly say that I am an excellent math teacher and an outstanding cheer coach.  Those are the “career” gifts that God graced me with, and at those two endeavors I rock.

All the more reason I want to pull my hair out when my ideas or offers to help  are shunned.  But, it was my choice all those years ago to follow Coach, let his career be our guide, and as I wrote above, I would NOT change that decision or trade places with any other soul in the world.

All of that babble explains why I am so excited to share this:

Our sweet friend Alli is putting together a cheer routine for her school talent show, and she asked ME to help out with the music and choreography – HOORAY!  I am wayyyy excited and very honored!!  After feeling like I could not help my own baby girl for months, it is wonderful to have an outlet for all this crazy cheer energy.  And, being candid and totally truthful, it is really nice to have someone acknowledge my talent.

Angel Girl and Alli Cheerin' on our Bears

Angel Girl and Alli Cheerin’ on our Bears

Sooooo, I just put the finishing touches on the music, and I don’t think it is too awful for a self-taught, first-time mixer:

Alli’s Mix (click here to hear…)

This afternoon, we are meeting up to hear the cd and start choreography – I have my fingers crossed that she likes the mix, and I can’t wait to see what dance ideas she and her friends have to really bring the tunes to life!!

In the end, I know I will have a blast because, even if the scale is smaller than originally imagined, for me this is truly a dream come true!

2 – 4 – 6 – 8  Who do we appreciate? Me personally?  I appreciate making the most of the moment and choosing to be happy!

I am happy to NOT do my thing so Coach can do his…what he does makes a difference…A huge difference for our family, this community, and the young men he coaches, teaches, and mentors, and that is more than enough for me!

IMG_1455 IMG_1387IMG_1444 IMG_1563 IMG_1553 IMG_1886

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