Mom of the Year Crown Ripped from the Fingers

Well, I’m here to report that I very sadly gave up my almost title of Mom of the Year last night when a doctor delivered the news that effectively ripped the MOTY crown right out of my greedy little grasp:  Angel Girl has basically been suffocating for quite some time, has advanced asthma, and desperately needed to be put on a high dose, steroid inhaler.

I really wanted that crown!!!!

See, I noticed her lack of energy (we have often endured this conversation over the past few months: Angel Girl, what’s wrong? Nothing, Mom, I’m just really tired…sigh.), frequent coughing spells (like the allergy tickle that absolutely refused to go away), and the always awful symptom of not-her-usually-spunky-self (which I think is pretty self-explanatory…), but I mis-diagnosed her ailment as Almost13HormonallyMoodyAndTiredLikeAllTeenagers Syndrome.

Yes, I was wrong (this once).

Yes, I lost the MOTY crown as well as my honorary MomMD license all in one fell swoop.

And, YES, it was a sad day.

Me and my Angel Girl

Me and my Angel Girl

I’m sharing my walk of shame to say this: I know my kids.  You know your kids.  When they are off, or not their usual selves, or just acting weird, listen to your heart.  Luckily, my gut overruled my head yesterday, I called the doctor, and I got my baby the help she needed.

I can joke and tease because it was an easy fix, but struggling for breath is no laughing matter.  Hearing the doctor say that she has been silently fighting this for months breaks my heart, and I thank God that He sent that pesky, persistent cough to get my attention.

So, I’m here to tell you to trust yourself.  Mom’s intuition is a powerful thing, and you should never be ashamed to tell the doctor, “I just know!”

And if you happen to be awarded my crown, please give it a little hug for me, don’t forget to shine it weekly, and send it back when you’re done 😉

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