Dinner During the Daytime

I haven’t done any meal planning in a while – our schedule is so insane that we are rarely home early enough in the evening to actually sit down to a nice dinner (by the time we make it home from practices, games, and activities it is 8 pm – or later – and everyone has already found something to eat elsewhere).  I’m hoping to do a little strategizing this afternoon, but in the meantime, I cooked dinner just to guarantee that we actually eat home cooking at our dining table that resides in our house.  Tonight!

I even sampled it (just to be on the safe side), and it was really, really, really good.  So, of course, I am sharing 🙂


I had a gorgeous salmon filet that needed to be used, so I started in a very helpful cookbook that my big sis gave me years ago:IMG_5882

I found a baked salmon recipe that looked good, and then I modified it for what I had on hand.
Instead of the dried apricots, I used a mix of dried fruit that needed to be used up from the pantry, I omitted the water chestnuts, I used lemon juice instead of lime, and I substituted Worcestershire for soy.  I added some onion slices for extra flavor which had a built-in bonus of using it up before fur starts growing on top of its layers.
Chopping the dried fruit was a sticky, messy irritation, so I just threw them in the pot “as is” and set it to simmer. For a side, I steamed some fresh broccoli that also needed to be used up (Is it just me, or is there a repetitive theme here?  Hey, at least I attempted to buy healthy foods last week!).
While those were on the cooktop, I got the salmon laid into the baking dish, tossed in the sliced onion, and seasoned it with my standby trio: salt, pepper, and seasoned salt.
At this point I wasn’t sure if it would be edible, but it smelled AMAZING!!
After the fruit had simmered sufficiently, I poured it over the salmon and baked for about 25 minutes…just until the meat of the fish was flaky so that it stayed nice and moist.  I also sliced a half a tomato (that was needing to be used up, too), and heated up a little left-over corn that was in the fridge (that needed to blah blah blah).
So, here is my finished product, aka: LUNCH.  I have to admit, I hit a homerun on this one; the veggies were the perfect compliment to the juicy salmon, and the dried fruit blended with the onion just right!

I think I will also set out some grapes and dinner rolls for the kids’ dinner tonight – Coach works extra late making playcards on Thursday nights, so these pics are as close to this scrumptious meal as he will get 😦  Sorry, Coach.  But ILY!!

I have to say, making dinner during the daytime was fun.  Best of all, I have a real supper ready and waiting for the kids once we are done with football tonight!  I may just have to make this a regular thing 😉

PS:  On a side note, check out these grapes…they are plump, crispy, and oh so sweet.  I don’t worry too much about buying organic stuff, but lately I’ve been purchasing the organic grapes (mainly because the non-organic bundles were turning brown and mushy at the store so I knew they would not last long at home).  I know the organics are a little more expensive, but I am amazed at the difference in these grapes.  There are lots of produce items that I can’t see much change between organic and non, but I encourage you to try these little suckers – they are THAT good!

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