What a Weekend!

To say we enjoyed a fun weekend is the understatement of the season – which is a very good report to give! Beginning last Thursday, Angel Girl won her volleyball match in 2 sets (a first for her team), she cheered her 7th grade football players to victory, and SonShine had 3 fabulous receptions in his district win. On Friday night, Mommaw came to town, us girls had a mini-shopping spree, and SonShine had a blast working for the high school coaches during the varsity win.

And then we got to Saturday.

Saturdays are pretty important in our home. College football fanfare and the boys of fall take on a new meaning when Dad is also Coach. I know that I am his truest love, but let’s face it, football was his very first love. Watching Coach coach fills my heart with this warm, gooey, lovey-dovey pride. He puts so much pressure on himself, and he works harder than I could ever relate to you. He sleeps very little, he sacrifices very much, his time with his own two kids is terribly limited, and he misses tons of important events. He is slow to take credit and quick to blame himself for every mis-step, botched play, or 3-and-out. And he loves every second of it. The competition, the strategy of the chess match, the boys who face the battle (I guess since they are 18-23 years old, stand well over 6 feet tall, and weigh 200+ pounds I could call them “men” but to us they are Coach’s boys), the tempo, the intensity, the methodology, and the celebration – they all call to Coach, and I love that he gets to do what he loves every single day.

This past Saturday was especially fun: our team was hitting on all cylinders, we won big, we became bowl eligible, and we moved up significantly in the rankings.

Phrase for the day: "We goin' bowling!!"

Phrase for the day: “We goin’ bowling!!”

And as fun as it all was, I have to say that the very best part of this past weekend did not occur on a football field…it happened at the pumpkin patch!

Almost 9 years ago, Mommaw and I were driving SonShine and Angel Girl to watch Coach’s game when we spotted an adorable little pumpkin stand on the side of the road. We pulled in, let the kids explore, and they picked out pumpkins to take home. In the process, I captured some really precious pictures that are priceless and dear to me.

Fall 2004: SonShine was 6 and Angel Girl had just turned 4

Fall 2004: SonShine was 6 and Angel Girl had just turned 4

Coach's biggest - and cutest -fans since way back...

Coach’s biggest – and cutest – fans since way back…

Needless to say, they indulged my whim. Being goofball teenagers this go around was even more fun than our first visit all those years ago. We were only there about 30 or 45 minutes, but those were by far the best, most enjoyable minutes of my weekend, and with the amazing weekend we just had, that is saying a lot!!

IMG_8773 IMG_8777 IMG_8727 IMG_8732 IMG_8744IMG_8749IMG_8750 IMG_8753IMG_8767IMG_8760

As my sweet friend, Ilsa, says, “Enjoy today – it is a gift!”

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