Uhhhgggg! Technology :(

I’ve been sitting in this same chair, typing on this same keyboard, for about an hour. I was creating a wonderfully, witty blog entry about my plan for Lent. I went to insert my cute, little picture, and BAM – my entry was gone. Not just gone, but erased from the planet. Not on the screen, not in the draft folder, and not in the browser history.


(Pause here while I hit the  < SAVE DRAFT >  button, please.)

So, I will have to recreate my fabulous ramblings to post later because I’m about to be out the door to accomplish my Day 1 40-for-40 Challenge: Begin a daily yoga routine.

I’ve fought a gimpy knee for over 20 years, but in the last 6 months, the poor thing has really given up on me.  I miss my Cross Fit and Zumba, I miss the exercise, I miss the music, and I especially miss the people, but one day of fun has been translating into a week of reduced mobility and constant discomfort.  So today, I am trying yoga.  My fingers are crossed that I can manage most of the poses without terrible pain; my hope is that this will be THE thing to help me remain active until I’m old enough to have my knee replaced.

While I’m gone, please consider these three questions:

  1. What is something you want but don’t need?  It should be something that weighs you down or holds you back, something that you rely on too much and would be well-served to put on the back burner for a while.
  2. What are you willing and able to do without?  I’d like to give up all forms of spending for 40 days, but the water department, electric company, wage-earning husband, and starving teens might have a slight problem with that.  This “something” should be something you will miss but can definitely live without.
  3. What areas of personal growth would you like to foster?  Don’t just concentrate on the “give up” aspect of the next 40 days; make a list of “add to” items that will enrich your world.

For me, one of those items is this new yoga adventure.  Which I need to leave for right about now.  But, I’ll be back.  And when I return, I promise to explain what was in my first blog entry that so rudely vanished, this 40-for-40 Challenge that I’ve created, and how we can tackle it together 🙂

Namaste, my friends!


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