Cleanse Time

If you’ve been following my 10 day nutrition challenge, thank you 😉

I am already on Day 5, and I’ve lost about 3 pounds.  So far, so good!  I haven’t felt too hungry or fatigued, I’ve been going to the yoga studio everyday, and I even made it to Zumba on Day 2.

To this point, the program has consisted of two shakes, one healthy meal, and one healthy snack each day along with two nutritional supplements and 1 ounce of a green juice.  I am NOT restricting calories; my daily caloric intake has been right around 1200 which is normal for a 5’2″ female.  It’s an easy program to follow, and honestly, it has been nice not having to decide what to eat all the time.

Today and tomorrow I am switching gears to do a “deep cleanse” which is part of the 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.  I like this cleanse for three huge reasons:

  1. It tastes really good (berry fruity!),
  2. It does not chain one to the restroom, and
  3. It does not allow for lulls in the day which lead to a feeling of utter starvation.

So, here’s how it goes:


  • 7 am – 4 oz Cleanse for Life and 1 Natural Accelerator Supplement Capsule
  • 9 am – 1 oz Ionix Supreme Dietary Supplement (Green Juice) and 2 Chocolate IsaGenix Snacks
  • 11 am – 4 oz Cleanse for Life
  • 1 pm – 2 Chocolate IsaGenix Snacks and 1 Natural Accelerator Supplement Capsule
  • 3 pm – 4 oz Cleanse for Life
  • 5 pm – 2 Chocolate IsaGenix Snacks
  • 7 pm – 4 oz Cleanse for Life
  • 9 pm – 1 IsaFlush Supplement Capsule




I keep a tall glass of ice water with me throughout the day, and I probably refill it every three to four hours.  I’m not jittery, and I’m not grouchy (always a good thing for the fam!). But I am very excited to see the results after these two days.

Meet back here Sunday for the results…and Sic ‘Em, Bears!!

With hugs and love,

Ashli  🙂

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