Happily Ever After

Today is a momentous day.

One often refers to a major life event as being “the first day of the rest of my life.” Well, 7474 days ago that happened to me when I met Coach at the Stephenville Intermediate School 6th Grade Track Meet. That was the day that our happily ever after began, and we’ve been living our modern day fairy tale ever since.

It just so happens that on that day, I had been alive a total of 7474 days. That’s right, as of today, October 6, 2015, I have now been with Coach as long as I was without him:

I am not sure which set of days produced the most growth, but I know I have come a really, really long way. Certainly physical growth and mental growth most likely peaked during my first set of 7474 days, but without a doubt emotional and spiritual growth have been most abundant the second set of 7474 days. I can not even attempt to imagine spending the last 10 million minutes with anyone else, and I fully intend to spend all the rest of my seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades with him!

How fun that from here on out, I can say with absolute mathematical certainty that Coach is my majority. He’s the one who makes the challenges beatable, the sorrows bearable, and the struggles worth battling. He is the one who keeps me grounded, prevents me from giving up (mostly on myself), and shares in all the good stuff.  He is the one who reminds me what love is and shows me what it feels like to be adored and cherished.  Even when days are rough or times are tough, I never, ever doubt these truths.

So, from our beginning as youngsters falling in love…

Scan 6

Scan 6 - Version 2

Scan 6 - Version 3

To today’s gift of being the most blessed parents in the world…


Here’s to SEVEN THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR days together…and counting – ILY, Coach!!

PS:  Try out www.timeanddate.com to play with your own set of magic numbers 😉