If there is one consistent thing about me, it is my INCONSISTENCY!!

I know this about myself, yet I still feel like a failure when I drop the ball, don’t get things done, and completely neglect projects, missions, tasks, and the like.

For instance, I was totally fired up to walk you through a yoga “class” each month right here on my blog.  But just a few days into it, I began doubting myself so I missed a day, then two days, which turned into a week.  By then I was too embarrassed to post more poses because I had already abandoned you so badly.  Now it is 41 days later, and I am still not sharing the next pose – which is especially sad as I wrote the blog post for it 40 days ago!

I am not sharing yoga today because I am totally fired up about something else:



Many of you have noticed that Coach and I are getting quite involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, specifically the Oklahoma Chapter and their Tulsa events.  That’s a good sign that we are making you aware.  Most of you do not know why, nor how you can join us.  That’s a very bad sign which signifies that we must do better.

My Grandma Syble died with Alzheimer’s almost 18 months ago.

I say that she died “with” it because she was 85 years old, she had lost most all mobility due to severe arthritis and multiple broken bones over the years, and she had enjoyed a very full life.

My mother-in-law is dying from Alzheimer’s.

I say “from” because Sandra was a vibrant, healthy, energetic, and lively wife, sister, mom, and grandma when she was diagnosed a few years ago, and Alzheimer’s is killing her – slowly, we pray.  And wish.  And hope.  But it is doing it none-the-less.

And it is heart wrenching.

Alzheimer’s is the next generation’s cancer, AIDS, and heart disease all mixed up in one truly horrible package.  Those are my own words, but they were formulated after the overwhelming research and data that I have read and reviewed since becoming an advocate to END ALZ.  If it has not yet touched you personally, ask five close friends if it has touched them.  Shoot, just ask two or three.  My bet is that this disease is much closer to your personal world than you ever imagined.  And make no mistake: it’s coming, and it will wreck your world.

There are 5 key ways in which Coach and I are joining in the Alzheimer’s fight, and we would be thrilled if you could need you to join us:

  1. Create a profile in TrialMatch:
  2. Create your own or join our annual Walk to End Alz team:  TEAM SANDRA JEAN
  3. Save the date to attend the 2016 AWARE Ladies Luncheon on Thursday, November 3rd and chaired by your’s truly…on my birthday…talk about icing on the cake!
  4. Cheer on Coach’s Golden Hurricane at the 2016 Tulsa Football Alzheimer’s Awareness game on Saturday, November 5th vs. East Carolina.
  5. Share a table with Coach and me at this year’s Tulsa Memory Gala

The gala is just 10 days away, and we need some friends with whom to sit – and I mean desperately!!  We thought I was going to be out of town for the event; now my plans have changed, and we are ecstatic to be attending.  But we are just two people at a big ol’ 10-top table…talk about lonely.

Tulsa friends, please consider joining us a week from Friday at the Cox Business Center for a fun, colorful, festive evening filled with cocktails, dinner, fabulous entertainment, Alzheimer’s information, and much needed fund raising to fight this thing with all we’ve got.  Yes, it is pricey for seats.  Yes, it is a splurge for fancy clothes.  Yes, it is absolutely, positively, and without a doubt worth it!

2016 gala invite.jpg


2016 gala rsvp.jpg

Who doesn’t want a night out on the town and a hand in the fight for our lives?

Thank you for serving with us in whatever ways you feel called!

Lots of love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Consistently INCONSISTENT

  1. I read “Hard to Forget” by Charles Pierce a few months ago and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Pierce mixes passages on the research with passages from his own life. His father and all his uncles suffered Alzheimer’s and he’s haunted by the thought.


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