An Update to “Rhett’s 16th” Quilt

I am really, really excited about how Rhett’s 16th Quilt is coming along!  (Click on the blue text to read my original post.)  I got the quilt back from the professional quilter who “sandwiched” the three layers:  the topper (that I pieced), the batting (for warmth), and the back (which adds fun fabric and a little bit of character)…AND I LOVE IT!!  She chose to use a dark green thread in an interlocking geometric pattern, perfect for male or female.

It looks so great:

IMG_9590 copy.jpg

IMG_9591 copy.jpg

All that is left to do is to hand stitch the binding down around the edges:

IMG_9589 copy.jpg

If you have not viewed the quilt auction online, please go take a look and place a bid on eBay:

If you have not yet sent in your $16 to honor Rhett’s 16th birthday, please, please do so in the next couple of days:

All donations and proceeds from the quilt auction go to Rhett’s Revolution, a scholarship fund in his memory and spirit and legacy:

On a side note, this is by far the toughest quilt I have ever made.  Not because the pattern is difficult; it is not…a log cabin is one of the easiest and best layouts for beginners.  Not because the t-shirt material is difficult with which to work; it is not…the knit fabric actually falls into place better than I expected.  Not because my Baylor t-shirts feel like a dark cloud has covered them during these past few months; it has not…those tokens of memorabilia represent beautiful remembrances of days and games and seasons spent with good friends, good family, and good people.

This has been the toughest quilt I have ever made because everything about a 15 year old dying during Christmas break is tough.  Terrible.  Tragic.  Tough.

I worried for months about making Rhett’s birthday more painful for his family – I would never, ever want to cause them more pain.  But God put this in my heart to do for Rhett, and He would not let it go.  A few nights ago, as I was thinking about Rhett, praying for his family, and silently crying myself to sleep for them, I finally understood:  I can’t make their pain any worse, any deeper, nor any more devastating by bringing attention to Rhett on his birthday because he is never out of their focus.  Rhett is in every thought, every family dinner, and every outing that they take.  The sharp stab of his absence is ever-felt.  It does not go away, and it does not diminish.  Rhett’s family is learning how to face each day without him by their side, and while I pray that facing the days gets easier, I also know without a doubt that the crushing blow of Rhett’s death is constant.

I only wish to help make his birthday a celebration of Rhett’s life.  A reminder that we all can be a small part of supporting and empowering his legacy.

If you have not yet given $16 for Rhett’s 16th, please go do so.  Let your kiddos do some chores around the house or help with the yard so they, too, can join in the celebration.  $16 is a totally doable donation, so please join in:

Most importantly, please remember to say a prayer for Rhett and his family on July 5th.  They need our love and support and prayers every single day, and especially on the extra, extra tough days.

Thank you to all who have already shared my posts, bid on “Rhett’s 16th” quilt, and donated to the Rhett Revolution!

With love and hugs,


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