Wednesday Awareness: Every Minute Counts

Friends, family, and faithful blog readers,

Good Wednesday morning, January 25, 2017!

Tonight at 9 pm (CST) PBS is airing a fabulous documentary titled “Every Minute Counts” that you need to see.


The Alzheimer’s Association was quite integral in the making of the 60 minute film, and it is well worth your 60 minutes.  Please set your DVR to record it, and do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have after watching it tonight (and anytime, of course).  If you are not in Oklahoma, I will be sure to put you in touch with the right people at your nearest Alzheimer’s Association chapter to get all your concerns addressed.

Also, please take a moment to register for the Alzheimer’s Association “Trial Match” program:  TRIAL MATCH LINK


Trial Match profiles link research projects with willing participants.  Everyone is needed in the database because projects are out there looking for all ages, all ethnicities, all people to best study this disease.  They are looking for those with, as well as WITHOUT, the disease, those with ties to it, and those who are the lucky few and have not yet been touched by this death sentence.

When you go through the Oklahoma chapter to create your Trial Match profile before the end of the month, you are entered to win a stay at the very beautiful, very relaxing Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa.


Take a look at its luxury…I could handle two days of pampering there, for sure!!

Here is a link to an email with further information on everything I’ve shared for this edition of “Wednesday Awareness” as we gather the troops, circle the wagons, and wage war to #ENDALZ:

Every Minute Counts – Alzheimer’s Association

So, please – go set your DVR (PBS tonight at 9 pm), go create your Trial Match profile, and go have a Wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Love and hugs,



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