New Year. New Walk. Let’s Go!

It’s January 11th, and if you are anything like me, you are watching your nice, new, neat-and-clean calendar begin to fill. Quickly!!

One date you should need to save is Saturday, September 15th.  Make plans now to join me and Coach for the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the second year we are serving as Walk chairs, and the Walk again takes place on the grounds at the University of Tulsa and is followed by Coach’s 4th Annual Alzheimer’s Awareness Game versus Arkansas State University.

Just like the clean slate that was my calendar, the new year means that we start from scratch on our Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising and team building.  Our TEAM SANDRA JEAN site is up and running and ready for you to join and donate.

Please click to here to get started:

One of my very favorite moments of 2017 was October 14th when our Tulsa Walk passed the $1 Million fundraising mark:


This year our Tulsa goal is $1.25 Million in fundraising, 500 Walk teams, and 5000 participants.

I quiver a bit typing those numbers, but I know they are totally do-able.


Please start your Walk efforts soon – in fact, start NOW, with me.  By us starting this early, we can reach more people, we can invite a greater number of community members, friends, and family to participate, and we can increase awareness of this devastating disease exponentially.

Another one of my most favorite moments of 2017 was our Walk day on September 23rd.  Here are just a few pics that illustrate what an absolutely amazing day it was:

Working to #endALZ so these precious kids never have to become caregivers!

SonShine and ClaraBelle posing “with” Coach

Angel Girl started a Cascia Hall Walk team for her school, and her sweet friends were a huge support…

…and of course they made a cute shirt!

Aunt Sister and Aunt Angela enjoying the Walk

My brother-like-cousin, Cody, his wife, Jill, and their spunky Miss M posing for me with their son, W, and Uncle Shaun (my baby brother) in the back

Uncle Charles and our beautiful Alyssa along the Walk route

Thousands of Walkers came out, including their adorable pups!!

What a sight!! This one really overwhelms me ❤

Thank YOU to all of our fabulous volunteers!

Yes, we do!!

Hoping for that 1st Survivor and millions more to follow the first.

I still get chills and tears when I scroll through those, and I am already fired up and looking forward to our 2018 event!!

Hope to see you registered at and I will definitely see you on September 15th 🙂

With love and hugs,