$5 Fridays are Here

Studies show that givers receive more than they give.

Furthermore, research proves that helping others releases endorphins into our bodies that put us in a good mood and make us happy.

Common sense tells me that we all look forward to the weekend.

Therefore – and facilitated by my superior skills in conditional statements and deductive reasoning – I am going to improve your weekend.

Right now.

On Friday.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Or 50 of them?

That’s just $5…less than a cup of coffee-to-go…cheaper than a ticket to the movies…about the same as a couple of games downloaded to your phone.

I challenge everyone one I know to kick start their weekend by sharing $5.

Right now.

Yes, in this moment, click this link: Share $5

Receive by giving.

And in turn bring joy into your world, thus making the next 60 hours even more euphoric than the typical Friday-Night-to-Monday-Morning-Alarm-Clock time span.

Come on, you can do it!

Today – November 16, 2018, and for our very first $5 FRIDAY – I am asking everyone to share $5 to support my friend, Page Cole, who needs our help to earn a $25,000 (!!!) bonus donation to benefit our Tulsa Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising efforts.

** We are just under our $1 Million Goal, and this bonus can push us over the top!

Again, here is the link to help me help him

which helps further Alzheimer’s care and research

which helps the 5.5 million Americans diagnosed with this horrid disease

which helps the 15 million Americans serving as unpaid caregivers

which helps ease the 18.2 billion hours of caregiving they provide:

www.TulsaWalk.org and click the big, yellow donate button.

Please, will you join me?

Thank you, precious friends, and here’s to a joyful, happy, beautiful weekend!!

With love and hugs,


PS: Friends, I walked through the steps above, and it took me less than 60 seconds from start to finish…quick and painless 😉

And since it takes almost no time at all, will you also “like and share” to your sphere as well?

xoxox, A.

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