The Library

When Coach and I considered building a new house, there were three major changes we HAD to make:

  1. The kids each HAD to have their own bathroom (they are two years apart, which means two grades apart, and before we blink twice, Angel Girl will need her privacy from SonShine and her own lock because, Heaven forbid, they may decide to LIKE like each other’s friends).
  2. We transformed the breakfast nook into a restaurant style banquette because all 4 of us HAD to see the television to watch NCIS while we eat dinner (I know the parenting experts caution against this, but watching Wheel of Fortune every night of my childhood with my family is one of my favorite memories and something we just did, so I don’t think it will ruin anyone if I share the same experience with Coach and the kids).
  3. I HAD to have a library.

My library…

forever a work in progress.

My motto. It’s how I face the day!

Since I do read to the point of obsession, I figure it’s my duty to report the best of what I find.   Take my recommendations with a grain of salt; I’m not too picky, and when I laugh at the movies, no one else is…

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